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We offer a regular and large sized hamper that both have all the meats you need for a full Christmas dinner.

Both hampers include a delicious turkey butterfly, a succulent topside beef joint, a gammon joint and back bacon.

The large contains more meat for those of you with more mouths to feed and we also throw in a bag of stuffing and a jar of goose fat.

The regular hamper contains:
5lb Turkey Butterfly
3lb Topside Beef Joint
3lb Gammon Joint
1lb Back bacon
1 Sleeve of Sausage Meat

The large hamper contains:
10 lb Turkey Butterfly
6 lb Topside Beef Joint
6 lb Gammon Joint
2 lb Back bacon
2 Sleeves of Sausage Meat
1 Bag of Stuffing
1 Jar of Goose Fat

Pre-Order Your Christmas Turkey

Our Turkeys are available for pre-order with delivery and pickup from 7th December.

We have fresh, local, award-winning Turkeys available for Christmas pre-order.

These Turkeys come from a farm less than 30 miles away and are full of mouth-watering flavour.

The perfect centrepiece for your Christmas dinner.

Available from 5kg up to 10kg.

Turkey Butterflys

Half Turkey Butterfly – from £24

Whole Turkey Butterfly – from £48

Buy Whole Turkey Butterfly online from Reeds Family Butchers

Christmas Dinner Beef

Other Christmas Meats

Perfect additions to your Christmas dinner…

Christmas Side Meats

Don’t Forget Christmas Breakfast!

Our breakfast packs are perfect for your morning full English breakfast.

The regular breakfast pack contains:
8 Sausages
8 Rashers of Back Bacon
6 Eggs
4 Slices Black Pudding

The large breakfast pack contains:
20 Sausages
20 Rashers of Back Bacon
18 Eggs
10 Slices Black Pudding

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