Reed’s BBQ Meat Packs

Wheel Out the Grill

We’ve Got the Meat Covered…

Our BBQ meat packs are perfect for a hot summer day on the grill.

They feature everything you need for the perfect barbecue including:

Burgers, ribs, kebabs, sausages, chicken, and pork steaks.

The regular BBQ pack includes:
6 x Burgers
6 x Chinese Ribs
6 x BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
6 x Kofte Kebabs
6 x Sausages
6 x Boneless Garlic Chicken Thighs
5 x Italian Pork Steaks

The large BBQ pack includes:
12 x Burgers
12 x Chinese Pork Ribs
12 x BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
12 x Kofte Kebabs
12 x Sausages
12 x Boneless Garlic Chicken Thighs
10 x Italian Pork Steaks
10 x Cajun Chicken Steaks

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